ICM is the world’s largest church developer, helping launch and scale over 9,000 churches and hope centers in 100+ countries. As ICM’s impact has continued to grow, so too has their need for more and more talented executives. In need of assurance that they were making the right hires, ICM called on Prolific for its data-driven approach to assessing and determining fit for their new C-level and executive level candidates.


Prolific identified alignment between the ICM’s job descriptions, their candidate’s personal hard wiring, interview notes, and the unique skills of each applicant. Prolific deployed various human capital applied analytics tools to confirm the highest alignment between ICM and their candidates. As a result, ICM confidently filled multiple roles within their organization, and are already seeing the fruits of Prolific’s aid.


“As a large non-profit organization, it’s vital that we find the best fit possible for C-level and executive roles. Teaming with Prolific gave us that assurance. They uncovered insights that unlocked a great deal of confidence in who we ultimately selected for key roles within our team. Their knowledge of our existing team and our unique internal dynamics played a key factor in forecasting how these new employees could best integrate into our operation. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their help on these major decisions.”

Tim Dammon, Chief Advancement Officer, ICM