SandRidge Energy, Inc. is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. SandRidge turned to Prolific leadership for expertise in helping the company strategically drive the recruiting of the finest employees in the energy sector, and advice on how to maximize its investment back into the local community. In addition to reaching the best talent in the industry and making a local community impact, SandRidge needed a competitive advantage differentiated from oil and gas giants like Devon, Chesapeake, and others. In a sector obsessed with profits over purpose and recruiting gimmicks galore, SandRidge wanted to tell a new story. Prolific found a winning solution.


Prolific crafted a set of recruiting strategies that were differentiated from competitors intrenched in a copycat industry – all of whom push perks such as free beer carts in the office, unlimited paid-time off, and the like. Prolific went another direction, focusing on targeting prospective employees who would be more excited about paid-time off to serve the community than office parties and entertainment suites. In one swoop, Prolific’s “The Power of Us” campaign drove positive community relations and attracted employees who wanted a “give back” lifestyle in and out of the office. As a result, SandRidge created the company culture they wanted, attracted loyal employees, and served a community in need of their care.

Better yet, according to America’s Research Group, Prolfic’s strategies moved the SandRidge brand from #4 to #1 in industry brand awareness.


“In my 35 years of doing consumer research, I have never seen a company make that kind of a bold move that quickly. Prolific crafted strategies so strong for SandRidge that it allowed a billion-dollar brand to move from #4 to #1 in brand recognition in less than a year.”

-Britt Beemer, CEO, America’s Research Group