Morales Group is a nationwide staffing agency with a focus on building better futures for all of its associates and employees. Morales Group is the proud recipient of Hispanic Business Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Hispanic-owned Companies in the U.S., an honor they’ve received 7 times since 2003. Morales Group turned to Prolific to maximize its impact as an organization, and maximize its revenue during a season of consistent organizational growth.


Prolific’s recommendations centered on identifying innovative revenue streams for Morales Group. By harnessing the power of their nearly 20,000 associates, Prolific was able to identify attainable, yet aggressive upticks in revenue and the recruitment of new associates.

Additionally, given Morales Group’s relentless focus on culture and values, Prolific focused a portion of its efforts on recommendations that further empowered Morales’ team of associates, clearly defining how they’re perceived within the organization, opportunities for promotion, additional performance-based compensation, continuing education, and much more.

Lastly, Prolific provided Morales Group with proprietary research that illuminated the best new markets to pursue, and the most dense markets with the type of associates who have historically performed effectively for Morales Group. This data-driven approach will allow Morales Group to expand into new markets with more confidence than before.


“Prolific intimately understood our desire to grow our top line revenue, but not lose sight of our mission and purpose. Their recommendations were strategic, creative and growth oriented. We’re confident that the implementation of their recommendations will yield major results. They’ve identified a growth path that maximizes the metrics we care about most.”

Seth Morales, President, Morales Group