Museum of the Bible is a 430,000-square-foot museum and attraction located in the heart of Washington, D.C. Prior to opening, the museum faced the mighty task of generating mass brand awareness to people not only in D.C. but around the world. While Museum of the Bible is dedicated to the history of the Bible, it is also an attraction that welcomes all walks of life and beliefs. No matter if an individual believes in the Bible or not, the museum exists to tell of the Book’s rich history and how it has shaped the modern day. Prolific was brought on to drive attendance, and improve the museum’s brand awareness. In order to get the word out, Museum of the Bible had to overcome a dismal .16% national brand awareness and generate millions of social views to gain the attention of the masses and drive attendance numbers.


  • In one targeted three-month brand awareness campaign, Musuem of the Bible’s “Experience the Book” grand opening campaign produced over 45 million cross-channel campaign views.
  • On the heels of Prolific’s attendance and awareness strategies and campaign, over ½ a million guests visited the museum just 6 months after its grand opening. According to post-visit surveys, more than 90 percent of guests rated their experience at the museum as excellent or good, with eight in 10 registering they would recommend Museum of the Bible to a friend or family member.
  • According to Neilsen Ratings, the campaign increased Museum of the Bible’s brand awareness from .16% before the campaign, to 11% nationally and 29% locally after the campaign.
  • Furthermore, Prolific’s efforts achieved a social “like versus dislike” approval rating of 96%.


“Not only did Prolific help raise the museum’s brand awareness from nearly 0% to up over 10%, through the ‘Experience the Book’ campaign, they also changed the expectation of visitors, reshaped the perception of our target audience, and per Nielsen’s Research, millions are now more likely to visit the museum and recommend it to a friend after being positively impacted by their strategies.”

-Kristine Deininger, Creative Director – Museum of the Bible