Legrand is a luxury light switch and socket brand serving custom home owners and home builders globally. Legrand is the largest brand in its sector, controlling 20% of worldwide market share. Legrand came to Prolific leadership in need of boosting its US brand awareness, and sought a premium partnership to drive traffic to its website, and boost lead generation.


Prolific brought strategies to LeGrand that focused on national partnerships, lead generation, and national media relationships.

  • Prolific partnered with HGTV leveraging their SmartHome program integration offerings. This brand association and new audience proved to be effective and valuable to LeGrand.
  • Through two seamless approaches, digital advertising and on-air advertising, Legrand was able to deliver on the three R’s: reaching over 100MM households, relevancy showcasing the unique product in a “smart” home kitchen environment, and reciprocal value by extending the HGTV brand to Legrand’s website and promotional materials.
  • As a result, Prolific helped LeGrand capture 100,000+ email opt-in leads, simultaneously driving increased website exposure for the luxury brand.


“Exceptional products require exceptional media choices. Your team recommends media partnerships that elevate and magnify the unique solutions that Legrand products provide.”

Amy Hahne- VP of Marketing, Legrand – adorne Collection