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Packaged Goods

Sales. Market share. Competitive advantages. Distribution. Shelf space. End caps. How do you get more of all of it?

There isn’t a silver bullet, but at Prolific we know the tried and true strategic moves and methods that help CPG brands drive more revenue and strike better partnerships. Our network of industry veterans is tightly connected to e-commerce partners, the major retail chains, and the media outlets that help propel brands to prominence.



Associations, media brands, conferences, and events are all looking for the continued support of their most cherished asset — their fans.

These groups represent the opportunity for more unique visitors, merchandise revenue, ticket sales, sponsorships, and lifetime user value.

Prolific has long supported a myriad of sports brands all in pursuit of maintaining and growing their fan bases, driving generational fans, and maximizing revenue. This ranges from sports .com’s, college conferences, professional tournaments, foundations, and much more.

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Nonprofit organizations are often the most deserving of a clear message, a beloved brand, and a steady stream of supportive donors.

However, nonprofits often have a convoluted message, low or inconsistent donor support, and poor usage of their valuable data.

Prolific knows how to help nonprofits experience exponential growth and impact. More donors, higher donations, and a crystal-clear articulation of the organization’s brand and mission. We believe in supporting those who make the world a better place. As a result, we’re able to leverage all of our resources, connections, and expertise to help nonprofits do more good across the globe.

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How do healthcare brands serve the masses, fulfill their mission, and drive revenue?

These ideals are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re achievable with the right strategies and execution. Our experience up and down the acuity spectrum has provided us with important experience in understanding the characteristics, sensitivities, and distinctiveness of working in healthcare. Our bottom line is aligned with yours—to be selfless in our service to others.



Imagine how great it would feel if your college or university could focus on its campus-wide vision, instead of the countless enrollment challenges, daily fund raising efforts, and faculty disputes.

College and university leaders must define the right campus culture to attract the best students, and to stop feeling the pressure to sacrifice their vision for the sake of simply “hitting budget.” This perpetual cycle must stop.

Whether your growth goals are more students (or the right students), increased giving, alumni engagement, national brand exposure, satellite campuses, or something more specific, Prolific has helped many schools with their most complex challenges.

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Ticket sales. Foot traffic. Per caps. Revenue. We know you talk about these things all the time. So do we.

They’re the life blood of your park, museum, or attraction, and they dictate your ability to expand and offer new and exciting opportunities to your customers. But increasing each of those categories is no small task. It takes precision — intimacy related to price elasticity for ticket sales, promotion and advertising to attract individuals and families, and a deep intimate familiarity with your customer base. We’ve launched, scaled, and captured market share for a wide variety of attractions, and have the track record to execute for you.



Oil and gas brands worldwide have an uphill battle to fight. The optics of the industry will continue to be polarizing, and brands who do little, do nothing, or execute ineffectively will be left in the dust.

Energy brands must constantly seek to enhance investor relations to fund their drilling plays. Additionally, this sector is in a constant battle for top talent. College graduates and industry veterans alike have a choice on where to work—does your brand stick out from the pack? Oil and gas brands must also be proactive with public relations and community outreach to strengthen the value of the company in the eyes of the public. At Prolific, we’ve guided many brands in this space through road shows, recruiting campaigns, communications opportunities, and much more.

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Our process, regardless of the industry, produces results.
So if you’re ready for more revenue, market share, or impact, we are too.

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