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What our partners
are saying about us.

Bleacher Report’s success in online publishing was directly attributable to the hard work, dedication and vision of Prolific. People tend to over-use the word “partner” these days, but I can’t even imagine trying to ramp up a national media effort without them as our partner. Reliability, responsiveness and resourcefulness are Prolific’s stock in the trade; and clients like Bleacher Report are clearly the beneficiary.

Rich Calacci
Chief Revenue Officer, Bleacher Report

During my 25 years as president of Warner University we were honored to be joined by any number of true partners who assisted the school in fostering growth and expanding influence. One partnership in particular that created an uncommon understanding of the ethos of our school and forged a profound transformative effect were our collegeaues at Prolific. The main reason a partnership is transformative is it produces results way beyond expectations. A partner like this discovers what otherwise goes unnoticed. I thought we were engaging the services of a highly successful consulting firm. We did in fact get that expertise; but so much more along the way. They took a good institution with wonderful people and made us believe in what we did in an uncommon way. This is what a transformative partner, seeking to bring your soul to life, can do.

Gregory V. Hall, EdD
President Emeritus, Warner University

When we refer to Prolific, we truly believe we are the same organization. Prolific is Biglife. Their influence in growing our revenue over 600% and helping our operation expand from 13 countries to over 125 is a small sample of their impact on our brand.

John Heerema
Founder + CEO, Biglife

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