Strategic Growth Plans (SGPs) are robust, 5-year strategic plans wholly dedicated to helping companies with high-vision and high-values grow to new heights.

These plans include 5 key sections, all dedicated to the type of growth desired by our partners. Whether a client needs growth in revenue, EBITDA, brand awareness, human capital, donors + donations, value related to an upcoming IPO or sale, or more market share, brands across the world have turned to Prolific to realize their biggest growth dreams.

The 5 core sections of an SGP include:


Primary and secondary research all dedicated to uncovering the top insights that will unlock growth for the brands we represent.

Strategies + Tactics

The ideas and executional details for how brands can think bigger and better, and exceed their growth goals.

Operational Integration

Analysis of how each growth strategy can be executed internally, externally, and through various investments or 3rd parties; a blueprint for the ownership and execution of each strategy.

Economic Feasibility

Ideas that are not economically responsible or feasible should never be recommended to partners. As such, the Economic Feasibility section breaks down all of the ways partners can actually pay for and implement the recommended investments and strategies detailed in each SGP. These detailed proforma’s bring strategies and tactics into execution.

Timing + Action

A 5-year roadmap detailing executional priority for each strategy. This timeline keeps the client and partners on-time and on-task quarter by quarter and year by year.

How Does the Process Work?

Prolific spends approximately 6 months from beginning to end developing a Strategic Growth Plan. The timeline factors in the following steps:


2-3 day client discovery meetings. Here, Prolific will ask thousands of questions in an effort to understand the client, their history, goals, and growth expectations for the next five years. These long sessions paint a picture for Prolific to fully execute research and strategy development.

Situational Capture + Research

Here, Prolific kicks off the research portion of the planning process. This is the phase where we refuse to “guess” or not be 100% sure of any assumption. This also allows us the opportunity to establish a foundation by which they recommend strategies. Competitive analysis, market factors, technology, and other situational assumptions are identified and accounted for before strategy planning begins.

Strategy Development

The next phase is where the fun begins. This is where we reflect on our takeaways from the Immersion and the information discovered from research and begin to dream big. Here, Prolific crafts strategies geared toward growth and prosperity for our partners. Many of these strategies are complex and robust. Others are more predictable, but still impactful to the bottom line. At this half-way point in the process, Prolific will present their strategy set (typically over a dozen key strategies) to the client for review .

Operational Integration / Economic Feasibility / Timing + Action

Next, Prolific will take its approved strategy set and tie each strategy back to proper operational, economic and timing predictions. Here, the strategy set will become actionable and operational. Prolific will identify who will champion and execute each strategy, how the organization will pay for each strategy via detailed proformas, and the timing and priority of each strategy. This detailed tie-back allows the client to have a clear path to execute each strategy.

Delivery and Presentation of the Strategic Growth Plan

Prolific will do all of the prep work related to finalizing the plan. Prolific will finish writing each strategy and tactic, complete all proformas and design the actual plan itself. We then take a day to go through the plan in its entirety, equipping our partners with 5 years of guided growth strategies.